Monday, July 25, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

GSG Customs' and Next Level Powersports are proud to present......

PROJECT: Synergy

combined action or functioning; synergism.2.
the cooperative action of two or more muscles, nerves, orthe like.

We are proud to announce that GSG Customs' and Next Level Powersport's will be working together to create a custom ruckus'. The best part is..... you are going to be able to follow what this beast of a bike is going to become. We will be doing weekly updates on our blog which will include video's. photo's and also dyno sheets! ! Make sure to add us on facebook GSG BABY ! also subscribe to our youtube channel GSG Customs' Youtube. We are going to be posting the weekly videos on youtube.
Next Level Powersport's: Whether your engine is bone stock or full race, you can benefit immensely from our Dyno tuning center. No engine will run at its peak if not tuned properly, and Dyno tuning is the only precise way of dialing in your motor. EFI or carbureted, we have the capabilities to extract every ounce of horsepower out of your ATV, motocross bike, or scooter. Our chassis Dyno utilizes cutting edge electro-magnetic load simulation and wideband air-fuel ratio sensor technology, giving our tuning center an edge over the competition.

Here is the stock ruckus we started with:

It did not stay this long......

We stripped it down and are going to work on welding the seat frame to the rear frame.


Friendly Reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone that not this weekend but next we will be at High Planes Raceway for the MRA endurance race. Come check out our vendor spot and what we got going on these days!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

We are live!!!

Check out the link on the top of the website.  We are live finishing yet another build!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A first for a GSG bike...

Picture says it all...but this happened today on lunch!

GSG Headlight Bracket $35 Shipped ! ! !

Contact me at for more info or to order.

Awesome Letter ! ! ! !

We received this letter today in the mail.
The best part is that he hand wrote the address and return address...

Cheers to you Mr. MoPed Sooper Upper Hater